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Hi PD,

I'm looking forward to reading your book.

My main interest is symbolism and it has led me down many paths. One of those paths
gets rarely mentioned on this message board. There is plenty of "discussion" on religion
with points of view for and against but the topic of mysticism in religion rarely comes up.

What I'm intrigued about is the role that altered states might play in the mystical aspects of the
different main stream religions?

I have many questions that you might be able to answer for me but I will not overload you all
at once.

Thank you for your open thoughts on possible use of acacia in Masonry.
In my research over the years I have encountered many different factions
within Masonry and I'm not always sure how to deal with them.


P.D. Newman Wrote:
> Fascinating post, Broker! Talk about a lot of
> information -- I'm gonna have to read that again.
> Apropos the contemporary use of acacia by
> Freemasons, this doubtless happens but never in an
> official capacity. We as Masons are charged with
> the task of peacefully submitting to the laws of
> the land wherein we reside. Although, I don't
> doubt that there are a number of Masons who meet
> privately to experience the power of the acacia.
> There is also a splinter group of the ayahuasca
> church Uniao do Vegetal that claims for itself
> Masonic descent. Led by Meistre Joaquim Jose de
> Andrade Neto, the group goes by the name Centro
> Espirito Beneficente Ordem Masonica Rosaluz.

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