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Passing the time on AOM is fine, even if one is not interested in learning anything new.
I agree - we are all free to read all boards here.

But being the first one to criticise
Cite the words in my post which were criticising.

...before having looked at it further and asking for facts!
Do you disapprove of asking questions after reading the article only? If so, on what grounds?

The facts are in the book!!! If you can't access the books, don't comment on them.
Point out where I have commented on them.

Just accept it. Don't be rude. "Superior wisdom" - ha!
Cite a sentence or phrase where I have been rude.


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Re: 'Higher wisdom' 373 Susan Doris 04-Jan-18 19:18
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Different v superior 345 PB Bytes 07-Jan-18 17:23
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Re: Different v superior 356 PB Bytes 07-Jan-18 20:27
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 393 michael seabrook 05-Jan-18 20:49
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 383 greengirl5 05-Jan-18 21:37
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 364 greengirl5 05-Jan-18 21:48
Going to the moon and Mars 364 greengirl5 05-Jan-18 22:55
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 379 P.D. Newman 05-Jan-18 23:03
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 351 cloister 06-Jan-18 17:17
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 380 P.D. Newman 06-Jan-18 17:35
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 348 cloister 06-Jan-18 21:30
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 364 P.D. Newman 07-Jan-18 00:39
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 387 Broker 08-Jan-18 01:33
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Re: Inappropriate off topic 362 greengirl5 08-Jan-18 20:00
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 628 PB Bytes 18-Jan-18 16:34

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