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I don't think there is one book you have not been dead against before having read it, just out of principle.
Rather amusing!
How many times do I have to write I am not *against*, let alone *dead against* any book. Before I choose whether to read one or not, I find out something of its contents.
How many times must I mention that all my life I have read umpteen books on all sorts of mystical subjects, that I have attended meetings and a conference, etc?
What would be the point in wading through some of the stuff on the AoM board and having to listen to it read by synthetic voices when I already have an idea of its contents ? How many hours, days and weeks do you expect me to do this? What will I gain from them? Give me one FACT that would immediately make me get someone to read the book to me?

Well, at least that and the previous post I have written have occupied the last hour! I'm going out with a friend this morning.


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