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I see that Graham Hancock has written this in his intro post for this month:

...the higher wisdom teachings of cultures in deep antiquity.
I would like to ask P.D.. Newman if he would please give one example of ancient wisdom that is superior to ours with our modern knowledge and understanding.


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'Higher wisdom' 1722 Susan Doris 04-Jan-18 12:40
Lets go round more time! 480 RN Vooght 04-Jan-18 15:41
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Protocol 437 drrayeye 08-Jan-18 07:55
Re: Protocol 451 Susan Doris 08-Jan-18 08:09
Re: Protocol 419 Susan Doris 09-Jan-18 11:43
Re: Lets go round more time! 450 P.D. Newman 05-Jan-18 18:08
Re: Lets go round more time! 415 RN Vooght 05-Jan-18 20:33
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 463 Naveen 04-Jan-18 17:06
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 420 PB Bytes 07-Jan-18 17:27
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 449 P.D. Newman 04-Jan-18 17:29
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 448 Susan Doris 04-Jan-18 19:18
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 427 Susan Doris 05-Jan-18 10:20
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 430 P.D. Newman 05-Jan-18 15:03
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 441 Susan Doris 05-Jan-18 15:15
Different v superior 406 PB Bytes 07-Jan-18 17:23
Re: Different v superior 415 Susan Doris 07-Jan-18 18:02
Re: Different v superior 423 PB Bytes 07-Jan-18 20:27
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 460 michael seabrook 05-Jan-18 20:49
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 459 greengirl5 05-Jan-18 21:37
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 437 greengirl5 05-Jan-18 21:48
Going to the moon and Mars 429 greengirl5 05-Jan-18 22:55
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 444 P.D. Newman 05-Jan-18 23:03
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 411 cloister 06-Jan-18 17:17
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 451 P.D. Newman 06-Jan-18 17:35
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 440 cloister 06-Jan-18 21:30
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 432 P.D. Newman 07-Jan-18 00:39
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 470 Broker 08-Jan-18 01:33
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 433 PB Bytes 08-Jan-18 02:21
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 448 Broker 08-Jan-18 15:00
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 421 PB Bytes 08-Jan-18 17:22
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 424 P.D. Newman 09-Jan-18 22:14
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 457 Broker 10-Jan-18 01:14
Re: 'Higher wisdom' Archimedes' Secret 421 P.D. Newman 12-Jan-18 23:27
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Re: Inappropriate off topic 419 Susan Doris 08-Jan-18 07:43
Re: Inappropriate off topic 425 greengirl5 08-Jan-18 20:00
Re: 'Higher wisdom' 738 PB Bytes 18-Jan-18 16:34

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