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It is my intension to hopefully answer the latest posts within the context of this new thread if I may, but please forgive me as I'm uncertain how to attach the images from my laptop which may have better explained the continuation of The Spirit in the Sky hypothesis from here on out.
Responding to the last threads however, I do beleive that 'new eyes' or indeed a 'fresh perspective' when considering our traditional depiction of constellations, may yield yet further insight into the minds of the men who created these fantastic tales of cosmological lore that have somehow seemlessly transcended across the epochs of humanity. And I think that The Spirit in the Sky is merely the beginning - the tip of an underlying iceberg with enough meltwater to proverbially submerge the current cartoon picture book opinion favoured by the mainstream. Since the release of The Spirit in the Sky, the hypothesis has been further expanded upon - and has rendered a term thus far loosely coined as 'Astro-pharmacology'.
Strassman's Spirit Molecule is by no means alone up there!
Fellow astropharmacological researcher Maximilian W. Berger has added weight to our current manifest by discovering that the expansion of the DMT compound (Orion/Osiris) by way of Lepus, directly below it, we complete the missing 5 & 6 position's of the Indol's Benzene ring. A further expansion into Lepus and we thus encapsulate the chemical compound 'serotonin'. What Berger found was that the second brightest star of the constellation, was in fact located in the correct position to describe the serotnion molecule. The significance here being such that Beta Leporis or 'Nihal' is more commonly associated as a given name in India, whereby its suggested meanings are 'joyful','successful', 'gratified' or 'satisfied' - emotions which are commonly attributed to the effet of 'serotonin' in the human brain! It would appear then, that the effects of naturally occurring neurotransmitters may well share a celestial counterpart or namesake in the sky. Further to this however, Berger's correlations include dopamine, phenetylamine, tryptamine and even psilocybin! By way of 'logically' expanding the DMT/Orion correlation into neighbouring constellation Canis Major, the chemical element 'phosphorus' is clearly depicted by 'Sirius' which completes the chemical fingerprint that is Psilocybin. Sirius is known by many names which include 'the Light Bearer' and 'Blazing One'. Phosphorus is also essential to life. The etymology of which is Greek for 'Light Bearer'. As Above, So Below...

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