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Hello Richard. I was working on a post when the phone rang. So I will try again. This time it will be short.
Basically, several things came up for me.

Star patterns that match our common Earthly usages, like molecular patterns or WHATEVER can be matched to star configurations could be found through NEW EYES. The potential matching could be AMONG THE TRADITIONAL CONSTELLATIONS, or, found outright by a fresh perspective. The Eastern constellations could also be matched up.
My belief is that humans love a challenge, and different patterns could be found that correlate with our common objects. Perhaps a brand new set of constellations could be found that MAY HAVE A CORRELATION with known knowledge, molecules and other synchronous concepts. It obviously would be an undertaking with savvy and imagination.

Perhaps I'm too enthusiastic but I do like a challenge. Unfortunately, it will have to be others who can spend the nights stargazing. I work in daytime so I could not participate with my idea. But I respect those who could redefine our night sky, north and south hemispheres.

Is this necessary? Not, unless a new paradigm is fortuitous to the culture of the 21st century. Who says that Orion, the Great Bear, or Aquarius has to be the ONLY TRANSLATION of the sky?
What do you think?

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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