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Hey, thank you for reaching out again - I like to think our bodies are all somewhat guilty of Reeling In The Years, but the mind always remains with its Steely and energetic outlook (mind over matter maybe?)...
I'm currently looking to building a website address with a discussion forum also, and look forward to inviting you once it's up and running. I certainly won't disappear from this quite wonderful website either, please be assured. My personal email is also in the back of the book and I'll continue to respond to each and everyone who wishes to contact me.
I'm preparing for a number of podcast presentations in the next few weeks which I'm focusing on right now, and am expecting my firstborn almost imminently also!
The timing of the release of The Spirit in the Sky on the Summer Solstice was something which I'd always planned. However, I had never planned to be a father in a world consumed by so much greed and unnecessary sorrow.
Many people say, 'You can't change the world!" and I simply refute this and believe that they won't be the ones who eventually will.
As the sun rose out of the ocean from where I'd been perched in anticipation on June 21st 2017, I afforded myself a somewhat wry smile as I felt that my discovery could truly help usher-in a New Dawn - and for the first time in my life I actually felt ready to bring a child into the world - in fact, I even said it aloud as I squinted into the horizon.
I found myself walking back from the beach radiating a warmth inside which I'd never felt before and started to think about what the future might hold. I arrived home and started preparing some breakfast when my girlfriend took me by the hand, looked me in the eye and said, "Please don't be upset but, we're having a baby....!"
I kissed her forehead, brought her closer and wept with joy. I can't wait to hold you son.

Sometimes, when you wish upon a Star....Rikki

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