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Hey, I smiled all the way through your response - thank you for taking the time, my friend.
I think it boarders the absurd that we haven't even tried to further Dr Strassman's remarkable Spirit Molecule studies! However, I do feel that the religious status quo is extremely satisfied by the lack of discussion since it's initial release. The commonalities regarding ancient scripture and their symbolism, and that of the biomechanics of the human brain as understood by science, are surely now beyond mere 'coincidence'. There was clearly a civilisation with enough technological know-how to create megalithic structures such as The Great Pyramids, Ajanta Caves, Lalibela, Puma Punku, Ollantaytambo and Baalbek, to name but a few locations which would test the very limits of our own ingenuity today. This same sophisticated and spiritually adept society also appears to be responsible for sewing the mythological seeds of what it means to be human - dare we sit up and actually try to pay attention!
The keys to the future of humanity, may well lie buried in our distant past.
And i think you're right on the money here when quoting Jim once again - 'Won't you Break your Lock & Key..'

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