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Hello Rikki, jesus where to begin?,

first, the "what goes around..." post?,
jaw on the floor, seriously,
been tellin all my people to follow me down on that one;)

been listnin to my doors cds all week, telling a friend that I havnt heard the soft parade lp in ages since my needle broke,
well there you go, cheers for that wee video

same friend about a month ago was ravin about some guys song I should hear,
Sturgill Simpson - turtles all the way down!

there's a lot of stuff hitting at the moment
green skinned Osiris, the green skin machine elves, stoned apes, psylocibin in the stars!, out of body abductions, Hancock's ancient teachers of supernatural, ganesh in the brain, jesus on the cross,
off to magonia I go

it still baffles how the ideas in the spirit molecule did not generate more discussion, considering the scientific approach, and repeatability of outcomes,

what it all means, who knows, but dot to dots is fun, and eventually a picture begins to come through,

things seem to swell and contract all the time, it feels like we need another swell, good god we're due another swell,

anyway, cheers for your kind words regarding my words,
and i will be be getting spirit in the sky as soon as the January blues pass,

and talkin of the need for that swell, yeah jimbo says it best

"...cuz I've been down so goddamn long that it looks like up to me..."

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