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Hey Jazzmumbles, thanks for commenting & a great subject title to boot! I'd signed in to merely check back on this rather lonely and unanswered post to find a much welcomed reply - and yes, a nice little sync, I think! You've grasped more than an inspired gist my friend, and it cheers me greatly to know that The Spirit in the Sky hypothesis' simplistic nature has been so quickly and easily understood. When I discuss it with people I meet, they're rather hard pressed to believe that, as it stands in 2017, Osiris, we believe, was rescued from inside the trunk of a tree! Although, when offered a rational and highly plausable alternative, it becomes almost obvious, like we've always known!
I'm glad to hear you're familiar with the work of the much missed Mr McKenna and the continuing research of Dr Strassman and co.
Mr Carlson's highly significant contribution is quite wonderfully showcased in the 4 hour feast that is Cosmic Pattern's & Cycles of Catastrophe. The entire lecture is available here; []
I recommend viewing these 8 short teasers a few times first; []

Inspired regards, Richard

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