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"...the most insignificance I fell through one fall
I looked up to the stars and saw the meaning of it all
but I forgot."

That was my experience, one starry autumn night, standing in a field looking up,
it was like the finger of god pointed across the sky, and a voice said "see?"
and I saw

hello RN, having only discovered the DMT documentary in the last month, I had been thinking of starting a topic about "the spirit molecule",
maybe its old news I thought,
behold December AOM!
let's hear it for the universe

I got strassmans book when it came out back in the day
it was the cover that drew me in,
"hey, whys that book got the same artwork that Tool use?",
and down another rabbit hole I go,
it blew me away
experiments on DMT with repeatable results!!

T McKenna, talking about DMT,said something like,
here is a repeatable method, a tool, to experiment with, we need dedicated psyconauts!
its why Graham Hancock stood up in one of Richard Dawkins lectures and offered to take him for a trip, like, come and see (a great clip),
Dickie declined, and we know why, but not for the reasons of his limp excuse,

"no one goes to the ashram with their knees knocking in fear" mckenna said

anyway, the cover of your book is another hook,
after reading the article, and some of the posts here I wanted to see if I got the gist,

the reason the pyramids were built to mirror and honor orion/Osiris was because orion resembled the DMT molecule, which was recognized by extremely advanced ancient eyes that were closed by a cataclysm at the end of the last ice age??

to borrow a phrase from another poster round these parts

"Gadzooks dude!"

if I'm anywhere near the general area of the gist, then I'm in for the ride,
you've dropped some names I'm interested in Hancock, McKenna, and Strassman,
and Randal Carlson, who I must now check out,
(watching him and Hancock on the JRE was brilliant, can't wait for grahams new book)

anyway, cheers for kicking off here, hoping to read some good discussions on this interesting topic,

and that whole Osiris/acacia/DMT connection thing?, cheers for that one too.

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