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I'm not a great fan of the cold. However, as the winter days grow short, the cosmos so prevails and I'm warmed by it's mythological lure - and indeed its lore.
As I gaze into the distant past, I afford myself a thoughtful smile and ponder, 'What if?' What if, thousands of years ago someone like myself, sat transfixed in astonishment at the commonalities shared between a dominant star grouping in the night sky, with that of the molecular structure of a naturally-occurring chemical compound essential to the human experience?!
DMT is described by Dennis McKenna (Link below) as one trivial step from being described as tryptophan, an essential amino acid responsible for producing proteins which are again essential to human development. The same chemical compound also permeates throughout the natural world.
I'm uncertain that Ancient Egyptian society understood the hypothesis to which The Spirit in the Sky subscribes, however, I do believe they have successfully transferred and imparted to us, from an epoch forgotten, the essence of message regarding the possible nature of our very existence.
As I again await the setting sun, I wonder - do you see it too?



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