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I will make a comment about your original post.
Jude is a scientist and also has some personal other knowledge and beliefs. There is no law against that, is there?

About her "other" knowledge she has already a while ago answered your questions, telling she is old enough to know her own mind.

If you don't believe her, don't worry about it! Plenty others do.


greengirl5 Wrote:
> I have tried several times to google the word
> schepitasism and every time it comes back to this
> forum, so that clarifies a lot for me! Not
> confused any more! :)
> GG.
> Susan Doris Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> >

schepitasism -
> > What's that supposed to be?
> >

You sound very ignorant.
> > That would appear to be a personal comment about
> a
> > poster, not a response to the content of a
> post.
> >
> > susan

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