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Over the years I've seen you write some really bad posts, but rarely does your catty side come out as clearly as it does here. Congratulations.
There is no-one of my acquaintance who would ever call me 'catty'. I cannot stop you choosing to think that but that's your problem, not mine.

My OP is not written in wishy-washy language, but I have gained the strong impression that Jude Currivan is interested in challenges. I have found this month far more interesting than I thought I would and quite admire the way she has responded.

As she has agreed to be the AoM, I hope she did not expect a series of sycophantic comments.


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Clarity and confusion 1603 Susan Doris 27-Nov-17 08:20
Re: Clarity and confusion 381 PB Bytes 27-Nov-17 18:34
Re: Clarity and confusion 397 Susan Doris 27-Nov-17 20:03
Re: Clarity and confusion 357 greengirl5 27-Nov-17 22:21
Re: Clarity and confusion 383 dong 28-Nov-17 05:26
Re: Clarity and confusion 394 drrayeye 28-Nov-17 06:18
Re: Clarity and confusion 378 Susan Doris 28-Nov-17 08:00
Re: Clarity and confusion 412 dong 28-Nov-17 08:12
schepitasism - clear as a day! 404 greengirl5 28-Nov-17 21:44
Re: schepitasism - clear as a day! 388 Susan Doris 29-Nov-17 06:03
Re: schepitasism - clear as a day! 351 greengirl5 29-Nov-17 23:37
Re: schepitasism - clear as a day! 372 greengirl5 29-Nov-17 23:48
Re: schepitasism - clear as a day! 353 Susan Doris 30-Nov-17 06:48
Re: schepitasism - clear as a day! 387 judecurrivan 30-Nov-17 10:38
Re: schepitasism - clear as a day! 333 Susan Doris 30-Nov-17 13:16
Re: schepitasism - clear as a day! 676 judecurrivan 30-Nov-17 15:59

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