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Dear All,

very interesting series of posts.

My apologies if you're already aware of all the research done by the University of Virginia Medical school on reincarnation - and indeed whether or not such recollections could be ascribed to hearing information from others.

Here's a link:

Whilst reincarnation per se, given some of your points, there's some interesting work on epigentics showing the effects of traumas (and other research on lifestyle factors) on future generation(s).

As I write in the book:

Let’s take a look at the burgeoning research on epigenetics first. Still in its early stages in terms of human biology, such investigations are nonetheless revealing that epigenetic traits not only have long-term effects in a living person but are able to be inherited by their children. Furthermore, if the studies of epigenetic factors in mice are replicated in people, such features may even persist through future generations.
In 2013 medical doctor Kerry Ressler and neurobiologist Brian Dias at Emory University caused male mice to fear the sweet smell of acetophenome, commonly found in fruit-tree blossoms, by making them associate it with electrical shocks. Not only did the shocked mice tremble when exposed to its scent, but their offspring did so too—even though they’d never previously encountered it nor suffered the shock treatment of their fathers. The fear even persisted to a third generation its memory informationally imprinted within their genetic expression (4).
In two studies, psychiatrist Rachel Yehuda and her team at Mount Sinai hospital in New York have revealed their findings of such epigenetically transferred stress in human beings. Their first analysis, reported in 2005 (5), investigated the instances of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in pregnant women following the 9/11 attacks and whether such trauma epigenetically affected their children. Using their levels of the stress hormone cortisol as a measure, the researchers took samples from thirty-eight women who at the time of the attacks had been either at or near the World Trade Center. Those of the group who went on to suffer PTSD exhibited much lower cortisol levels than others who were similarly exposed but didn’t develop PTSD. A year later when researchers took samples from their babies, the cortisol levels of the infants correlated with those of their mothers.
The second study, reported in 2015 (6), looked at the stress-related disorders of children of thirty-two Holocaust survivors and compared them to the children of Jewish families who had lived safely beyond Europe during World War II. The team investigated an epigenetic “tag” (a chemical attachment to DNA that switches genes on and off) specifically associated with the regulation of stress hormones. They discovered such a tag in both the Holocaust survivors and their children. Finding no such link with the children of the comparative group and carefully excluding the possibility that the survivors’ children had undergone trauma themselves, they were able to show that such effects are indeed inherited and not just transferred by social influences or stressful events.

4.B. G. Dias and K. J. Ressler, “Parental Olfactory Experience Influences Behavior and Neural Structure in Subsequent Generations,” Nature Neuroscience 17 (2014): 89–96. [].
5.R. Yehuda, “Neuroendocrine Aspects of PTSD,” Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 169 (2005): 371–403. /pubmed/16594265.
6.R. Yehuda, N. P. Daskalais, H. N. Bierer, T. Klengel, F. Holsboer, and E. B. Binder, “Holocaust Exposure Induced Intergenerational

warmest regards,


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