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This and your commentary on transpersonal experiences bring back some precious memories. It was so exciting, when I saw the Web, such an expansive thing.

In my case I am sure that it was triggered by a brow chakra activation that was scheduled to occur when it did. The correspondence to where I felt the initial energizing is too complementary to the brow Chakra's location.

My observation of the Web being information based was a most salient feature, Jude. This happened more than a decade prior to the public intro of the Internet, and I had been thinking of what I saw that Fateful day as the web or the net since day one.

And yes, there was a strong sense of tuning into an ancient spiritual truth and a most Vital wavelength that this experience led to. All these years later I might think that my younger self was embellishing on that idea, but given what I know about how this episode fits, relative to my own journey, I am certain that embellishment is not a factor.

Good to know that Indra etal saw the same thing which I would say again is most certainly not a metaphor!! I am persuaded of that much now, given the description.


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