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Years ago I wrote this, regarding a spontaneous experience I had in my campus apartment during my second year of university:

Early in the afternoon, on the final Saturday of September, I returned to my apartment after a workout. I planned to take a shower but decided to sit down on the sofa first, to cool down.
As I sat on the sofa I stared at the southern wall of my apartment, which was all white. Suddenly a rather curious thought entered my mind, and when it did I felt a sensation at the front of my forehead, around the point between my eyebrows. It felt like someone had turned on a switch.
I felt a tremendous surge of energy extend outward from that point, and as this happened a kind of luminous ‘web’ or ‘net appeared. It seemed to be made of a very subtle kind of light, and extended outward from that point between my eyebrows like a funnel or cone.
This ‘web’ seemed to permeate everything in front of me, the carpet, the walls, the chairs and so on. In doing so it seemed to imply the existence of another dimension. It seemed to consist of ideas or facts, which formed its intersection points. All seemed to support the central ‘idea’, the one that popped into my head just before I felt the surge between my eyebrows.

This turned out to be the front end of a sustained mystical experience that lasted for around six weeks, intermittently - the first of two such episodes that I see myself having had. As my life unfolded I gradually learned that this episode and phase was also remarkably well-timed, relative to other key events in my life. I had never heard anyone else who had this kind of direct experience, until I read a remarkably similar testimonial on this board by another member. I tried to find it before posting this, but I was unable to. I had never heard of "Indra's Web" until Jude mentioned it. Based on what I perceived, and how well this episode fits in the larger picture, I would be a strong lean that we are NOT talking about a mere metaphor here.

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