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Poster Boy Wrote:
> I had noted that you seem willing to reply to some
> posts and completely drop others, or at least not
> say that you will get back to others later.
> I wound up pulling two of my own follow-ups after
> you came and went, a few times, without replying
> to them, although mainly because Ray had suggested
> to another poster that we remain mindful of trying
> to keep the focus on your book and article, which
> I believe mine quite were anyway.
> Now, and once again, I see that you have come in
> and dropped a couple of replies while completely
> not responding to Ray's new thread which is on
> point, very well considered and in knowing Ray as
> I do, a gesture on his part, as in an attempt to
> steer the focus back to your work.
> Is this going to continue to be the way you roll,
> Jude?
> Really? I would have expected more basic courtesy
> from Britain's one-time "senior business woman"
> not to mention one with your most impressive
> academic credentials.

Oh, give the woman a break, Mark! She doesn't have to be available 24/7 to post at your command! I'm sure she has a life outside of the world of GHMB. It's the weekend - she probably has better things to do.


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