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thank you, it's a good question - in asking what don't we know when we don't know it.
If anyone .attempts to say they know that there is unknown wisdom etc, then the onus is on them to say why and exactly how, so that others can access it

For many years I've worked with the wisdom keepers of many traditions world-wide and on numerous occasions they've told me that their understanding and insights are less than their ancestors - due to a variety of reasons but most usually disruptions to their cultures and loss of cultural knowledge often caused by conflict but sometimes other upheavals.
Perhaps they are under-estimating their own current knowledge and prefer to imagine that ancestors had superior knowledge. If the evidence of such previous knowledge is not available, then it remains a guess, albeit a guess based on that person’s experience and knowledge gained during his/her life.
Can you give an example of wisdom from one of the wisdom-keepers which you consider is superior to our wisdom of today?

The ancient writers themselves too spoke at the time and afterwards about how much was lost with the destruction of the Library of Alexandria
I'd certainly like to give those who destroyed that library a really good talking-to"!! However, although we do not know what was actually written there, we do know that it was well within historical times and can, therefore, make a few educated considerations of what it might have been.


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