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A few belated words in honour of the October 2012 Author of the Month.

Dr. Lewis E Graham, the author of ten books, quietly transitioned last spring in the loving care of his wife, Angel, after a years-long debilitating struggle with what ultimately turned out to be a brain tumor.

In addition to writing books, Lew was a double PhD from the University of Georgia, a Doctor of Divinity in the Huna tradition, a one-time member of the Stanford faculty of medicine, a world championship triathlete competitor, a self-made millionaire, and one of the kindest, most unselfish souls I have ever met.

I had the honour of getting to know Lew quite well and was humbled by the way he never complained about his condition, and how he always carried himself in an exemplary manner, managing to write two more books during a time when he could hardly stand up, speak and had the use of only one finger.

That, Lew's unceasing cultivation of Spirit, which he told me was a vow he made in entering the Huna tradition, was his greatest achievement.

Lew's lifespan is testimony higher Order:

4/4 1952 - 3/9 2017
23,716 days.
= 44 x 539 days.
4/4 & 3/9.
Alpha - Omega

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