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Ray, I try to follow and understand your perspective on language, its origins and intricacies in the same way that I did for Noam Chomsky’s writings on the subject and others whose names I forget during a frightening linguistics course at the Sorbonne – many years ago now. It reached depths and heights that left me feeling very small and quite exhausted.
I’m afraid that I must sidestep your subject and remain within my own, a pragmatic study of the earliest Sumerian symbols, their meanings and, to the extent that I have succeeded in fathoming them, the stories behind their meanings. I am very conscious, perhaps in part because there is so much underlying spiritual knowledge that surpasses most of us, that my task is to remain simple. It is also my excuse! No long words to lock people out through boredom or misunderstanding. No deliberate or subconscious desire to obfuscate in order to be ‘the one’ who knows. Please understand that this is not a condemnation of any other subject, but, however fascinating, yours is not mine.
You write “In some ways, the primitive visual features that you are analyzing and transforming might be drawn from an early primitive set of such features.”
These are not primitive visual features (for me); That is the whole premise of my theory. These are words (that we choose to describe as symbols, logograms, visual features….), and I am not transforming them. Quite the contrary, I’m allowing them to speak out for the first time in several thousand years. I differ from mainstream in that I believe they are the dregs of a previous civilisation’s words/symbols, not the timid babbling of a sheep trader. And I differ from mainstream in that I know it to be a monosyllabic language, not isolated but the basis of our own. That is the evidence that I present in my book.
You write “Do you feel that you've identified some of the earliest graphical primitives?”
Ray, if you contact me at sukurru AT, I will be happy to send you a copy of The Story of Sukurru. Then you can find the answer to that question and let me know.

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