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Hi Robert

Went Walk about* thru some of your recent posts and links.

Electric Universe /Saturn Theory


H.P.Blavatsky and the Theosophical community is important for bridge to the past.

Schwaller de Lubicz studied Theosophical books in Europe.
It was Schwaller who commented in publish about the Sphinx and water erosion.
John Anthony West ..after reading Schwaller. ..seeing the Sphinx. ..hooked up with
Robert Schoch,
And now Mainstream Egyptology is tumbled from its throne.

The Theosophical books on previous Earth Ages merges with the Mythology of past people's
The Olmec/Mayan /US Southwest First Nations people's /Anasazi,Hopi,Navajo,...4 Suns
Have passed...we are now in Sun #5.

Dwardu Cardona and Saturn Theory...
If True as suspected....Saturn,Earth, Mars and possibly another planet which was destroyed
..we're captured out of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy into our present Sun in the Milky Way.

Mainstream science with its uniformity / gradualism cannot accept change like this,or
Celestial Catastrophism.

My mention about Akashik record and DNA write/protect with data storage.
Yes...we are living recording devices...

We serve the Universe....We are One...with the Universe.

T Bird

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