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When the two narratives concerning the early Sumerian culture, one out of mainstream academia, the other its extremely popular alternative, are so well anchored, how easy can it be to promulgate a third vision radically different and in opposition to both? When you are unknown as a translator of dead languages, how is it possible to gain recognition, to have people think of your work, “Yes, this is what the Sumerians must have been like. This is what they joked about; these are the stories they told and this is the way they told them.”?
For me, there was only one way to make a crack in that well-established facade. It has meant taking on and completing one long translation (some 3,000 symbols over 280 lines); about two years of work. The result had to be consistent, coherent to such a degree that suggestion of manipulation to fit the desired result would be a great, if perverse, compliment. Then, never forgetting that I am nobody, that people with or without a vested interest, will still prefer to look not at the immensely important text now offered for further study but at me, I chose to go one step further than others. Not only have I thoroughly referenced the text, each symbol shown with its meaning, but I also share every possible aspect of my relatively simple method for all to examine. And, rather than defending one small corner of the ‘Sumerian’ marketplace, I have the temerity to believe that this translation should open a major breach in both mainstream and alternative thinking. Should…

For those who have questions or thoughts on the subject, I suggest we tiptoe here only on the most uplifted and uplifting stepping stones over that Sumerian minefield of established beliefs, both mainstream and its one well-documented alternative; with a discussion centred on the most ancient pictographic forms, the methods to understand them, and the theory that they convey memories of a previous civilization, a theory radically in opposition to the academic explanation of their existence. Remembering that we all always have something to impart and even more to learn, my thanks to Graham for this opportunity.

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