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As always, much more needs to be said on topics like this than is appropriate for these short Author of the Month posts in the forum at Some of the missing relevant info will be revealed if you read some of my other posts from this month, and a lot more if you get your hands on a copy of Cannabis and Spirituality. I'm the editor of the book but only one of 18 international contributors.

A lot of people experience anxiety, at least some of the time, with cannabis. There are several reasons for this. A key one is dosage. Reports indicate that the stronger the dose, and particularly the more THC that enters the system, the more likely anxiety will result. With light doses and with certain strains the opposite is common - a calming, relaxing effect. Sativa dominant strains are more often implicated in anxiety than indica dominant strains for example. High CBD strains are also reported to have calming effects.

But there is another key factor involved. Cannabis can strip away illusion and reveal what is underneath and what is beyond the "story." That's a threat to the status quo. You can feel exposed, vulnerable. Along with being careful about dosage, there are techniques (again, discussed in the book) for working with the amplified energy.

So cannabis can bust your cover and pull you out to the edges of your comfort zone. You can either try to resist or avoid that or you can learn to ride that energy. This principle is by no means just for working with cannabis. It's a universal spiritual principle. Energy can be transmuted. It's just energy. It's how we deal with the energy that makes all the difference.

Anxiety is a synonym for fear. Great teachings such as those of Buddhism tell us that the way to transmute fear is to first catch yourself when you're telling yourself a story, like, "Oh my God, this is terrible. I'm freaking out, I must do something." The teachings say, "No, stay here, don't buy into fear's compelling scare story, lean into the fear, breathe and let go." Then fear can dissolve . . . "on the spot" as my old Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa used to say.

Cannabis is an energy medicine. It amplifies. That's why we keep saying it's an advanced spiritual medicine and that it holds great promise for humanity as a spiritual ally when people can learn how to work with it skillfully. Dissolving the controlled boundaries of the self-protecting ego is the hardest thing for most human beings to do. Cannabis can raise the stakes, making that work potentially more challenging but also potentially much more rewarding. There is much to learn.

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