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I imagine some people reading that title are thinking, "Are you nuts? My mind just gets busier when I'm high on pot."

That point is where both the challenge and the potential lie. To clarify, I'm speaking primarily of simple, follow-the-breath, bare-attention kinds of meditation practices. As I've said in several of the other posts on this month, cannabis is a non-specific amplifier. It can energize and deepen the locus of your attention.

The amplification function raises the stakes and challenges the status quo—the ego. Ego's primary strategy for avoiding unconditioned reality—the unknown—is to obscure the space with the noise of the thinking mind.

Allowing thoughts to dissipate is a huge challenge in meditation practice for most of us. Depending on the individual, that challenge can be even greater with cannabis.

But that is exactly why cannabis has such remarkable potential as a spiritual awakening ally. It's a learned skill that can take a long time to master, but when you can ride your mind as it were, breathe, relax, let thoughts settle down, and open up to the amplified space, the results can be stunning.

There are a number of factors that bear upon the likely "success" of that kind of practice that I don't want to go into in this brief post. Perhaps the most important and easy for most people to work with is dosage. Especially with the super strong pot around these days, it's a lot harder to ride the mind under the influence of a strong dose. Unless you have a high tolerance from daily use, it may make all the difference to start small with a gentle alteration when doing presence practices with cannabis. One way of describing the optimal dose is the dose you both want to and can handle in calm presence.

I'm sure if you have not worked with cannabis in these ways and you were in fact able to surrender in full presence, you would be surprised, even amazed, at the depth and richness of experience that can manifest. That's why those who have discovered this potential with cannabis consider it an advanced spiritual medicine ally.

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Meditating with Cannabis 1422 Stephen Gray 28-Jul-17 18:39

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