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One of the themes touched on in Cannabis and Spirituality is the idea that cannabis could be the sacrament of peace for the universal religion of the future. Not that there must be a sacramental substance involved, or even anything that closely resembles current religious structures, but cannabis can be of help in important ways. All of this potential is predicated on people being able to surrender to the gift of the sacred herb of antiquity. We have to be able to relax, let our thoughts ease up, and our mindbodies calm down. We have to allow ourselves to feel the tenderness, the beauty, the appreciation, the love.

Then cannabis can deepen our shared presence together and contribute to the spread of peace. And when I say "peace" I'm not referring to the cessation of warfare. Peace begins with each one of us and spreads of its own accord from there. Conflicts at the national, tribal, religious level might be the end result of a widespread consciousness transformation.

Here is the final paragraph of book contributor and historian Chris Bennett's chapter "Venerable Traditions."

"Truly, the global circle of people who share cannabis transcends race, nation, and religion, and many are beginning to recognize it for the holy sacrament it once was and can be again. The association between cannabis and sacred states of mind has crossed barriers of cultures and times, and people have continually and independently been drawn to it for these purposes. In this natural substance, perhaps we can find the true sacrament of the natural perennial religion that is at the root of so many traditions."

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