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How about, "Keep It Simple Sweetheart"?

Someone replied to one of my earlier posts with the following comment.

"My experiences with cannabis have never been anything other than nausea and loss of balance."

I wrote a somewhat detailed reply on July 10 that included this: "I've become convinced that most negative effects are the result of not working effectively with the amplified energy of the plant. Dosage, for example, is extremely important."

I want to add something to that. Along with the importance of keeping dosage within your manageable range, there is the KISS principle. My understanding of cannabis is that the amplifying effect can deepen and expand your connection to the locus of your attention. If you can breathe freely, relax, minimize random distracting thoughts, and give all your attention to something in particular or to just being present in a meditative way, cannabis can enrich and open doorways. (There's more detail on this topic in a couple of the chapters I contributed to the book "Cannabis and Spirituality.")

But that locus of attention should be simple. In my experience with cannabis the deepening of focus removes attention from other areas. For example, In normal consciousness I can usually successfully complete some relatively simple mechanical task while thinking about something else - something like putting my bike in the bike room, hanging up my helmet, taking my overshirt off the bike rack, and locking the door.

But because of this amplification of focus under the influence of cannabis, it tends to be one or the other. Either I pretty much empty my mind of thought and just attend to the physical environment, or I enter into the subject of my (possibly enriched) thoughts - but not both. If I'm "lost in thought" I might end up leaving my shirt on the bike or forgetting to lock the door.

In regard to skillful cannabis use, I've always liked the aphorism "You're either on the bus or you're off the bus."

So K.I.S.S.

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