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This is more or less a follow-up that started with my post "Has Cannabis Been Corrupted for Spiritual Use?" and the reply someone wrote that she suspected the spiritual qualities of cannabis have been seriously compromised by all the hybridization and push toward high THC strains. I replied that though that may be true, intention is the guide at all stages.

I also posted that conversation on my website and received a couple of very interesting and insightful comments, as follows:

"I make vibrational imprints or fingerprints of different cannabis strains that can be seen under an electron microscope. I have seen a distinct difference in molecular imprints of the same strain or species from different grow operations. Mono grows with chemicals yield fractured incomplete imprints. High altitude, small, dirt grown conscious grows yield a completely different complex geometrical imprint." Very cool stuff the CannaEssence - Jamie L. Thomas

"One day the craft will benefit from intentional alchemical work of merging heart energetic fields with the plant. All beings flourish from this energetic entanglement based on the higher emotional vibration of joy, love and Peace. I am working on a blog around this intentional and energetic entanglement to create better medicine to feed all four levels of being. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual which all need to energized to heal when in disease." - Ron Dewhurst

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Cannabis: Intention at Every Stage 1357 Stephen Gray 23-Jul-17 01:11

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