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And not just ayahuasca. Before saying more, I want to stress that we're talking about careful use of these plants in ritual environments in the hands of experienced people.

When skillfully combined with other entheogens like ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and others, cannabis can potentiate the effects of the other medicine, smooth and soothe, prolong, and clarify.

For example, two of the contributors to Cannabis and Spirituality, ayahuasca masters Mariano da Silva and Francisco, sometimes bring cannabis into their ayahuasca ceremonies, but only in small circles with experienced practitioners and only several hours into the ceremony. As Mariano says in the book, "In this kind of practice, ayahuasca takes you to the top of the mountain and at that point the cannabis gives you wings to take off and fly in the wind." In the same discussion Mariano makes it very clear that an essential requirement for the effective inclusion of cannabis in the ceremony is both internal and external silence so that practitioners can relax and open, i.e. surrender, to that power.

There are other potential benefits of combining cannabis with other sacramental plant medicines but I'll keep it brief for now and if anyone wants to add a question or comment I'll go into this topic in a bit more detail.

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Cannabis and Ayahuasca 1078 Stephen Gray 18-Jul-17 22:49

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