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Short answer: No . . . and . . . yes.

First the "no." There is no valid scientific evidence to support claims that cannabis is bio-chemically addictive to any great degree. Many millions of people have gone cold turkey after years of heavy pot smoking with only minor transient withdrawal symptoms that pass in a few days - maybe some irritation, sleep pattern interruption, etc. Kind of like coffee withdrawal.

But there's another kind of potentially serious addiction that a lot of us are familiar with, although because of the associations accompanying the word "addiction," I would prefer to use "dependency." If your intention, at any conscious or unconscious level, is to escape and avoid, we know cannabis can contribute to that in counterproductive ways.

As I and other contributors to Cannabis and Spirituality point out, that kind of use—or abuse—of the plant is essentially the opposite of the kind of spiritual use we're sharing information about. Beneficial spiritual use requires respect for the plant and for oneself, intention, discipline, focus, and at least some ability to let the thinking mind quiet down and empty out into full presence.

That's when this misunderstood plant can show you things and ways of being you had no idea of if you have never worked with it like that. I like to call it an open secret—the powerful guidance of "the people's plant" when inner and outer conditions are optimal.

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Is Cannabis Addictive? 1078 Stephen Gray 16-Jul-17 22:27

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