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A central theme in the Cannabis and Spirituality book is that cannabis is a non-specific amplifier. In more spiritual terms you might say it's a gift of energy from the spirit of the plant that to be beneficial on the spiritual awakening journey needs to be directed skillfully. This is far different from casual recreational use of the plant.

As cannabis can be considered an energy medicine, a key component of that skilfulness means simplifying the setting, calming the busy thinking mind, and giving the plant, at least for part of the time we spend with her, our full attention.

Group ceremonial practice has proven to be an excellent way to keep people focused and empowered for a variety of spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga. The same holds true for working with cannabis. When we hold ceremonies we spend a lot of time in silent sitting meditation. We also mix that up with walking meditation, chant, breathing and visualization exercises, 'yoga-lite' stretches, and shamanic drumming.

People frequently report that this way of channeling the amplified energy of cannabis surprised them and completely changed their attitude and approach to the sacred herb of antiquity.

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