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I don't like to make unsupportable claims and I don't know what evidence would permit me to proclaim with certainty that there is a spirit of cannabis. But then a lot of people speak of the spirits of other entheogens and I can't say for sure I have had such an encounter with ayahuasca, psilocybin, or peyote either, even though I've ingested those medicines many times. Powerful messages yes, visions of deities or any kind of entity no.

Back to cannabis. I use it in meditative, respectful circumstances and I often feel an exceedingly kind energy from the sacred herb. But a fair number of other people do claim to have encountered a spirit of cannabis. Kathleen Harrison, a rigorous and disciplined thinker who never makes casual claims, writes on that issue in her brilliant chapter "Who is She?" in the Cannabis and Spirituality book. Another book contributor, ayahuasca and cannabis shaman Hamilton Souther, claims to have met the head medicine spirit of the plant.

My favorite story about this issue concerns the leader of a spiritual community in Brazil that uses ayahuasca as its central sacrament. At the time of this event, he was apparently unfamiliar with the cannabis plant. One day a young man showed up at his jungle community with some pot. He wasn't sure he should have it there so he went to the leader and asked him. The leader told the young man to give him the plant and he would find out about it for himself.

He then did a private ceremony with the cannabis and, among other encounters, had a vision of a garden with a woman tending some plants. She looked up and saw him. (Encounters of this nature apparently happen a lot with ayahuasca, not so much with cannabis.) Upon seeing the man, she pointed to a cannabis plant in her garden and told him that the plant he had smoked was hers. With his role of influence, she instructed the leader to take this sacred plant back from misunderstanding and misuse and return it to its proper mistress—her. As there was a Christian element to this spiritual community, the leader identified the woman as the Virgin Mary, also known as Mother Mary and as Pachamama. In her honor he named the plant Santa Maria (Saint Mary.)

If anyone reading this post has encountered anything you would identify as a spirit of cannabis, I hope you will reply with a testimonial to that effect.

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