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Re: Tom's point about taking the word "drug" back. I believe that's what I was saying in that post - that a functional way to think of what a drug is in this context is anything that promotes habitual, unexamined behaviour. In that sense the psychedelics/entheogens are not drugs, they are substances that are remarkably benign in their pharmacokinetic interaction with the human organism; promote examined behaviour, fresh thinking and feeling; and can open doors into realms of information not previously experienced. In the right conditions they are, as Terence McKenna and others have described them, "ego dissolvers." They could also be called "reality medicines."

The so-called major entheogens like ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, iboga, LSD and others are never going to help anyone hide out in "habitual, unexamined behaviour." But as I mentioned, cannabis use is tricky and can go either way and that's why we call it an advanced spiritual medicine. You can numb and space out by getting stoned all the time and ignoring your relationships and responsibilities. Intention and disciplined focus are essential to beneficial spiritual use of cannabis. It also usually takes experience to find the right road as it were. (Some have called it the Tao, the path of least resistance.) And it's not a quick fix or a substitute for ongoing mindfulness and awareness in the daily walk.

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