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The late psychedelic philosopher Terence McKenna made an argument that psychedelic, sacramental plant medicines should not be called drugs. His definition of a drug was anything that promotes habitual, unexamined behaviour. That could be anything from a substance, like alcohol, to television, video games, gambling, sex, work, reading, eating, and even, as great spiritual teachings say, thinking.

The psychedelics do the opposite, they tend to lead to a loosening of the status quo—the ego's fixed narrative package of self-protecting and self-justifying stories. Cannabis is a tricky one. Advocates for its skillful use as an ally say it's an advanced spiritual medicine. It's a non-specific amplifier that will take you farther down whatever road you're already facing. If escape is your intention, conscious or not, cannabis can help you along. We've all seen that and maybe been that.

But if you apply the kind of intention and disciplined focus that is central to the Cannabis and Spirituality project, the sacred herb can also loosen the ego's armour, function as a truth serum, ground you into the present moment, and promote compassion and peace.

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