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Lostsheep posted yesterday with a quick reference to the claims by some researchers that cannabis was the legendary Soma mentioned so often in the ancient Rig Veda texts of India. It seem there's no way to prove or disprove that claim and in my view it doesn't really matter. The central issue is that cannabis is the people's plant. It has always been with us and almost certainly pre-existed us on the planet. Chris Bennett, Christian R├Ątsch, Martin Booth, Rowan Robinson, Mark Ferrera, and numerous other respected historians and researchers have made that clear based on the archaeological and written records.

For our purposes now the even more central issue is that "for the generations to come" cannabis has the potential to play a major role in the awakening of the species. This is not the place to back that claim up or describe how the plant can be used effectively as a spiritual medicine. There are a couple of dozen blog posts on my website that elaborate in greater detail and if you really want to get a good sense of the potential, and the challenges, of working with the sacred herb, the book Cannabis and Spirituality has 18 international contributors who have written with that intention from a variety of perspectives. There's also a Facebook group for the project, "Cannabis and Spirituality," where I and others post and share information fairly often.

As the month progresses I'll make brief reference to a few of the book's contributors. In the meantime I heartily invite participants in this forum to send me questions, comments, and testimonials regarding the spiritual use of cannabis. I'll be checking in almost daily and will generally reply quickly, either via a direct reply to you or by starting a new, related thread.

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Cannabis and Spirituality: Soma? 725 Stephen Gray 09-Jul-17 16:56
Re: Cannabis and Spirituality: Soma? 329 michael seabrook 09-Jul-17 21:55

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