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That's really lovely to hear eighttwenty. Dee Dussault, who I mentioned in the post you responded to, has a very interesting description in Cannabis and Spirituality of where cannabis took her yoga practice after all those years of "straight" yoga. She teaches Ganja Yoga classes in San Francisco and in the book she points out that she cautions students against relying too heavily and continually on cannabis in their yoga practice. She believes it's important to do the practice without cannabis sometimes.

I'm impressed that you have the perspective and discipline to include cannabis sparingly in your spiritual practices. One of the themes that comes up in chapters by several of the Cannabis and Spirituality book contributors is "less is more." That can mean in regard to both dosage and frequency of use. I think most experienced cannabis users will have observed that heavy use results in a tolerance and familiarity effect. People who use cannabis effectively in spiritual work tend to understand that less frequent use works better, allowing for deeper and sharper effects and experiences.

One of the book's contributors, Brazilian ayahuasca master Mariano da Silva, recommends that in general people try to leave 5 or more days between sessions with cannabis. As he put it (in his idiosyncratic English,) "It's a transcendental effect that really opens your mind, enhances your perception, softens your heart more, calms you down, and facilitates a kind of interaction. I have a lot of respect for cannabis. But if I use it every day, I don't feel this kind of effect from it anymore."

I welcome further comments and testimonials from you on this subject eighttwenty. I would also like your permission to copy and paste your post into my Facebook page Cannabis and Spirituality. I've been sharing some of my Author of the Month posts there for those who don't have the time or interest to get involved in this forum. I think followers of that FB group would appreciate hearing about your personal experience.

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