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One of the contributors to the book Cannabis and Spirituality is Dee Dussault, a pioneer of what she calls "Ganja Yoga" who now has a book by that name with Harper One. Dee had been a yoga practitioner for over a decade before ever combining her practice with cannabis. She describes a sudden and almost shocking deepening of her practice. In Dee's own words:

"I teach ganja yoga because I've found tremendous success in my yoga practice with the skillful inclusion of the sacred herb. After nineteen years of yoga practice, I can say that my practice accelerated after incorporating cannabis into it. Cannabis can act as a sensory enhancer, emotional revealer, pain modulator, mood elevator, boundary dissolver, and time stretcher. Ganja yoga experiences are in many ways like my most rewarding sober yoga experiences; however, under the influence of cannabis, the effects of my practice become amplified."

This is just one example of how cannabis can deepen experiences with a variety of spiritual practices when used skillfully. I say "skillfully" because despite the plant's widespread reputation as a casual recreational substance, there's a learning curve involved in uncovering this potential.

As with other spiritual practices, like basic follow-the-breath kinds of meditation; t'ai chi and other physical disciplines; chant and hymn singing; visualization and guided-meditation practices; and shamanic drumming, neither Dee nor I are suggesting the practices always be done in the embrace of cannabis. It can be very healthy to take "cannabis fasts" once in a while. Always depending on the plant for experience can have downsides both physically and mentally.

I understand of course that participants in Graham's forum are not primarily focused on cannabis or other entheogens/psychedelics. However, I would be very interested to see comments from anyone who has found cannabis to be of assistance in the spiritual awakening journey.

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