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Spiritual guides and practitioners have learned over thousands of years that the most difficult thing for humans is to quiet the thinking mind and allow inner silence. The self-protecting ego generates a continuous or near-continuous overlapping weave of mental activity to hold together the "fiction" of a separate self surviving in an inanimate universe and to obscure the unconditioned reality beyond our "stories."

As the great 13th century mystic poet Rumi put it, "Look past your thoughts so you may drink the pure nectar of This Moment." This is what Buddhist teachings call "absolute truth," universal in its application to the awakening path. Cannabis is a non-specific amplifier. When properly understood as a spiritual ally, and almost certainly with experience, the skillful use of cannabis as part of an ongoing mindfulness and awareness practice can enter us more deeply into "This Moment."

This is not a "position," it's the reported experience of many from ancient times until the present. And it's neither a quick fix nor easy. That why I've called it "the open secret." It's self-secret in the sense that most people are looking everywhere for satisfaction, comfort, and happiness other than right here, right now in non-thought presence.

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Cannabis and Spirituality: The Open Secret 962 Stephen Gray 07-Jul-17 00:35

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