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Magicians of the Gods, I’m on page 353 … your usual high standard of excellence! Thank you.

I notice you are quite ‘kind’ in your treatment of the sinful angels and their teachings. Given your readership, a very good call. But you are ‘almost’ as harsh with Mr. Sitchin as some critics have been with your work, and those were people who read your work with one eye, half a mind and a negative predisposition already percolating deep within.

I have not read all of Sitchin’s work, and it is dry reading, that which I have read. Yet it was my understanding he was a Rabbinical Scholar before he became enamored of Sumerian Tablets.

You might well find that he agrees with some of your concepts, though he does place them in his own framework.

Of the 200 which he says descended upon humanity and kidnapped several(?) hundreds of wives, he remarks they were Igigi pilots, the slave race of the Anunnaki. The ones whose rebellion caused the creation of humans as a new slave class, in a past time. A time when Enki made common cause with them, and caused humans --- to originally be birthed of augmented ovum implanted in Anunnaki women. Compatible mtDNA? Wise old snake?

It seems likely the Igigi … who mined gold, dug rivers, cleared land and had no women were maintained in slavery, in part, because they had no wives, no future. These 200 were from Mars Base, says Sitchin, from which gold shipments were forwarded. Of a size with humans, possibly. Originally? Who knows? Change can be gradual or implemented.

I find it most interesting that the Olmec wear a helmet not unlike the flying helmet used by Inanna … which has come down to us in a sculpture. Were the Olmec related in anyway to the Igigi, the slaves and pilots of the Anunnaki? Gold mining was in Africa early on. Africa’s discovered ancient settlements looking much like dwellings in Malta and of course Gobekli Tepi.

If so, why are the Olmec head sculptures so large? Not unlike the 60’ tall statues of Egyptians in Egypt?

I also applaud your careful walk around the tribal peoples and their spiritual knowledge as it does not apply to our lack of same in the modern age. I sometimes fear that the working class of modern industrialization, in fact, labors under a scopolamine drip in the dream time. Thus the Earth need never again be cleansed … … the knowledge will simply be lost in the waters of forgetfulness. How will slaves ever be free? Especially if most profit always stems from some kind of evil (generally unknown)?

If there were an age staggering under the hidden whips of evil it may be our future, if there are not adequate moral bounds on technology and biotechnology. It might become the age prior to the Butlerian Jihad in DUNE … where mankind had to be freed from the “thinking machine tyranny”. Though one wonders if sentients ever truly threw off the yoke. Seems we will always have the need, the need for storage, retrieval, and computation, quipu, mentat mediated or otherwise.

Thank you for another great book!

(Smilishly interesting and completely off topic ... VIKING lineage ... no computers here ( maybe?)

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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