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Hello Bruce and welcome
You mention
The Multiregional theory argues that the earliest hominins emerged in Africa and there evolved until a stage known as Homo erectus, around two million years ago. Homo erectus then moved out of Africa and migrated as far as Southeast Asia. Around 500,000 years ago, somewhere in Eurasia, they underwent further adaptations, giving rise to various regionally adapted lineages. These migrants then evolved towards a Homo sapiens form wherever they colonised and remained. In this model, all linages were early Homo sapiens; modern humans emerged separately (but concurrently) in Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. Due to interbreeding on the edges of these regions, evolutionary adaptations were shared across the planet (genetic drift) and the species remained strongly homogenous rather than producing four evolutionarily distinct, anatomically modern human species. It has now been proven that several human forms were indeed interbreeding, just as multiregional theorists had long expected.
Do you think eating each other as well as mating Could mix the gene pool !

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