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First and foremost, let me tell you I have "known" you since 1988 with my first subscription to the magazine you were a Journalist for. I am a fellow kindred spirit, if you like. I am an Economics B.A grad from 1990 at BYU in Provo Utah, with a later MBA in International Business from ASU Thunderbird. In the course of my career I have been to Egypt and the pyramids many times, we rented fast horses from a stable in Giza and always went on horseback with my Lebanese Sales Manager. I had a business apartment in Heliopolis near the Hippodrome, Swisshotel (Near Chili's), and the airport on several projects, one in Alexandria as well. Been through the museum of antiquities, been on the first steps of the Great power tower, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. I am an initiated mormon in 1984 in the Salt Lake City Temple (not any more). I could go for hours on other clandestine and masonic topics for hours, but not here. I have had many experiences, including a what-we-call 9th plus 1 level and above, Creator Of All experience in 1985, a Near Death Experience in 2013, and many many many telepathic and Quantum experiences. Including one where I called my fiance while meditating and tried to see what she was doing, called her name several times. She came home two hours later after shopping and said she was sitting at a red light, and heard me calling her over and over, and asked me if I had been meditating again. I had actually forgotten already. Always loved THC and tried LSD many times in the early 80's. I have had many paranormal experiences and haven't even touched the surface in stories here.

So, since Chacruna Viridis is the preferred plant/DMT source to cook with the Ayahuasca/MAOI vine ( I have bought both but never did it because I was alone, and my Sister threw it away, thought it was was old Paprika! I want to!), and may other plants work with Ayahuasca and give you different types of experiences. Wouldn't that indicate that you had the "talk" with the Chacruna Viridis, and that Ayahuasca is the common denominator MAOI source?

BTW: I am looking for and expedition or adventure with funding to discover more about Lake Titicaca and Bolivia. I have been there in La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba 50 times. In Peru I went the Chan Chan ruins once, near Trujillo. I lived in Chile, Santiago as a musician last year, and In Argentina from 1984 -1986. Business friends all over Latin America from my travels in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. I also speak Portuguese and have been in about 11 or 12 States on business. I never was able to travel too much into sacred sites because of appointments and expenses and time constraints. Now, single and empty nested, self-employed, and completely "awake" since 2010, I am ready for a whole new adventure!

Please check out my fiction book "Jake and The Jungle Gems" on Amazon and Ingram Spark. It's about Young Adult sleuthing fantasy in the Brazilian Amazon. My next book is about a 509th MP's eyewitness to the Roswell crash cleanup, from a chap I met in 1992 personally, and who told me all about his day studying the two dead bodies and the craft stuck in the shallow cliff. He told me things I have never seen yet discussed that I will reveal. I might use a pseudonym for that. It's already written, waiting on the cover illustration to be done.

Best Regards,

Phil Roiz

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