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Zardoz: Zardoz speaks to you, His chosen ones.

Exterminators: We are the chosen ones!

Zardoz: You have been raised up from Brutality, to kill the Brutals who multiply, and are legion. To this end, Zardoz your God gave you the gift of the Gun. The Gun is good!

Exterminators: The Gun is good!

Zardoz: The Penis is evil! The Penis shoots Seeds, and makes new Life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as once it was. But the Gun shoots Death and purifies the Earth of the filth of Brutals. Go forth, and kill! Zardoz has spoken.

The Matrix is certainly a great representation of some Gnostic concepts and presented them with a characteristically modern flair that has since become iconic in our era - and yet a few decades ago there was another sci-fi epic which also portrayed ancient esoteric ideas in an obscure, challenging, and ultimately very interesting way. It was definitely not a box office success and is largely regarded as a cult classic at best and a cinematic "turkey" at worst. While I personally think both of these movies are excellent - I would say that in terms of a cinematic exposition of esoteric ideas, I find Zardoz to be more compelling. Each of them have their high points and low points, although of course the Matrix is far more well known and "watchable". While some people may find nothing of interest in any sort of overly-bizarre type of film like this - if anyone is even remotely interested in these kinds of Gnostic concepts, I would encourage them to check this movie out with an open mind.

Zardoz is a strange story which takes place in the far future, after an apocalypse has wiped out most of humanity, leaving the remnants to fend for themselves in an entirely regressed and almost pre-historic environment - while a few others who had foresight to prepare an alternative to the previous dying society languish inside a closed-off city, all living within the embrace of a networked consciousness which combines human minds with AI and incarnates them through a very limited group of clones, endlessly.

I dont want to reveal the entire story and its outcomes, specifically for those who may have more interest in discovering it for themselves - but also because the story itself is somewhat malleable in terms of interpretation, at many different levels. Its a much more psychedelic type of movie than the Matrix, and invites all manner of open-ended perspectives. Personally I think it broaches a number of esoteric concepts in a greatly nuanced way, and explores them in a deeper capacity - however it nevertheless seems to be at least a distant cousin of the Matrix film at the core. It has none of the frantic action scenes and none of the dazzling special effects, although it definitely presents its own stylized artistry in a compelling way.

And after all - how can you argue with any film where Sir Sean Connery gets to wear an outfit like this?

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