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Hi Drew,

I was just a matter of personal curiosity. From my perspective it seems you were involuntarily but definitely traveling the inner planes of consciousness. The blackness and point of light you experience is the fourth spiritual region and cannot be traversed without guidance. It is our spiritual prison wall so to speak. According to many Guru's writings your description of the inner planes seems to be quite accurate. Your feelings regarding death are also correct. It is stated in most guru's teachings, doing this without guidance of someone who has achieved the inner planes can result in physical death. But not to worry, the consciousness is eternal and death is just birth into the spiritual world. Some Spiritual Gurus or teachers who teach the inner path and will provide guidance. They provide a method allowing one to verify the extent or reality of consciousness achieved. A qualified Spiritual Teacher can teach you how to acheive this state at will and verify the results of your inner travels. As in any physical scholastic endeavor progress is determined by each individuals desire and effort to succeed. Also unlike our institutions of higher learning a true teacher will charge you nothing for your education in the realms of higher consciousness. Is it possible for you to make your dreams come true without fear or trepidation? That is something only you can decide.

Then again wouldn't death be considered the ultimate of life's experiences? Some are ready, some are not.


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