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Hi Miguel

A very nice article you have there, although I am sure your book is full of more information that someone unsure about Gnosticism might better appreciate...and make a more informed decision if they are Gnostic in some way...maybe not all the way but in some way.

I'd guess you've read The Kybalion amongst all your readings, which I'll link to the title of this topic; and like all such books and teachings over history, they are all drops of knowledge in a vast ocean of potential and perception. Over the years, I've had such sayings as "I thought, therefore I was", and "I came from one reality, to another reality, and will go to a further reality, then return to the first reality. Which of these is the real reality?" (concerning pre-life; life; death; after-death)...but even these are a part of a mist that forms a drop in a vast ocean, as I have kind of given up on reading books about spirituality, religion, science and the arts, and just kind of live.

You do mention something about a kind of existence behind the curtain of our perception of existence, as in a vastness of light...or love or whatever you would want to call it...that the Gnostic might discover, or the astral traveler might discover...where one who 'finds' this existence can discover more about themself than all the knowledge or books or teachings could give. Have you been there?


"Emit time,
Diamond Dao mind.
Bring forth this indefinitely continuing existence;
The infinitesimal feeds the infinite and ages this ouroboros of mine."

B. Andrew McBride 2017

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