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Fine article Miguel! In your article: "Beyond a lack of hope (or you might call it faith), there is still that one crucial ingredient missing from society today that falls short of a full-blown Gnostic mindset (and that of other ancient esoteric movements). It’s best explained by Philip K. Dick scholar Erik Davies:

“I’d like to suggest instead that the impulse to transcend — the Neoplatonist’s ascent through the spheres, the Gnostics’ sudden awakening, the desert monk’s rejection of the elan vital — is not simply a philosophical error or the mark of patriarchy, but is fired by an intensely lucid yearning of the highest of goals: liberation.”viii

Yes, more than anything the Gnostics sought freedom – untamed, unapologetic freedom. That, in truth, is perhaps why they were considered the greatest of heretics to both secular and religious authorities: they wanted a freedom not stored in any material construct."

it is all about freedom as mentioned above. Free creation of forms, evolution , growth. In a world of 6 or 7 billion people you really have 6 or 7 billion Gnostics. Yet people have a hard time accepting the freedom of all those other people. that's an issue!


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Cogito, ergo, sum = Freedom 2092 Eddie Larry 03-Apr-17 23:35

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