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There is no need to posit an either/or scenario, as it is highly likely that there are at least some sentient beings on some
other planets simply due to the probability of habitable planets as we know them, not to mention habitation of a different sort which we do not know of (such as atmospheres we consider toxic and so forth).

But the issue of extra-dimensional or non-physical beings has perhaps been more explored throughout history, possibly due to the lack of limitations involving interstellar travel in physical vehicles, as well as other reasons which are not as apparent.

One of the most common phenomena involving contact with non-physical entities is during the lucid dream state, as well as out-of-body experiences (or "astral travel"). This is a more common ground for us to interact with species that are not limited by physical forms as we know them. I do think it is important to understand that such beings are physical in the sense of having material existence, or more precisely energetic existence. This is an important distinction to make - as not all dreams are necessarily an actual contact with outside energetic forces, and may be more or less related to a process of internal psychological factors of varying degrees. Sometimes these situations can mix and intermingle but this is not always the case - and there are also varying degrees of subsumption within the collective mind which add another layer of complexity.

However when speaking of UFO type phenomena, this can also be another complicated issue. Some may be familiar with the research on this topic, such as the most classic example involving Bob Lazar and the story of Area 51. Thats just the tip of the iceberg on this particular rabbit hole, and its hard to know where fact and fiction begin and end in all of that.

It may be somewhat lesser known that many yogis in India throughout history have claimed to met all manner of celestial and otherworldly beings, often traveling through the sky in balls of light or so forth - and this kind of phenomena is generally attributed to an extremely high level of "internal" technology in such species, in terms of mastering prana or chi or other such subtle forces within the body and the environment around us. In other words, a much more evolved species - not just in terms of technical capacity but in terms of their natural abilities and the form of their bodies.

It brings to mind a few examples of this kind of thing, regarding an interview I saw recently.

Here is a part about being visited by a UFO, as well as its pilot - [] - (link cued to relevant part at 1:08:40)

and here is a part about meeting some otherworldly "doctors" - [] - (link cued to relevant part at 56:00)

Its an interesting interview, there are plenty of other stories there that may give an alternate picture about such things to people who are unfamiliar with these types of traditions.

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