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In my now long life I have prayed/visualised with wonderful results. So far I have "got what I wanted". This may sound egoistic to some, but it depends on what you "want". If it is a good, but not greedy life for yourself and your family, isn't that what we all want, wherever you live?
In the early part of my life I very much tried to adhere to what Jesus is supposed to have said, still do, including believing you have already got what you are praying for. Is that not a form of magic? White magic. These days I consider Jesus similar to yogis and shamans from all the different cultures, red Indians, brown Indians etc.

There is also black magic. I stear well clear of that. Long ago I caused something to happen immediately with me sending my thought off. I thought first it would be a good thing if it happened, but on second thought, maybe it wasn't. So I decided "never again". I think it wise for myself to stick with positive things, for a loving purpose only, to be safe, as I have no idea about how it works, or what the whole cosmos is about, I only know that my thoughts have power, and I also believe, that love is better than hate.

I want to be on the side of the angels, whoever or whatever they are, the white, good, loving ones.

I have done ESP Experiments with friends, family and work colleges, so I know the power of our minds, I know our minds can work outside of our brains. But that is not evil, nor is it witchcraft, it just is, like all the other wave lengths we are swimming in. You call it rune soup. Great name! Casting spells, with runes. The runes are just a prop, like tea leaves or crystal balls, or candles.

I love it, that I can talk about it. On some other posts I get cold water poured over me most of the time. Give me runesoup instead of! :)


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