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The Crane.
Hi, Gordon.
I have got your book on my kindle, and I am reading it and also some other ones at the same time, as well as clearing a lot of bush in the Australian summer. 

I am an old woman, (84) but still have all my faculties as far as I know! :)

Ok, the Crane. In Danish Trane, and it figures for me in both countries!
I am excited that it is (together with the Ibis) "the shamanic animal par excellence."

The Crane figures in my family several times that I know of, even in an ancestor from 1767. In my life it shows several times in connection with no. 26. (I have counted and written down up to 22 x 26's so far.)
On the other boards there are several hard core materialists, and I am sure they think I am gullible.
Graham's AOM is a great counter balance, and I enjoy your book, even if I can only read it is small portions, due to my busy life. Retirement is even more busy than my earlier life.

Your runesoup is interesting. 
But you are wrong about visualisation. I have done lots of that, and got wonderful results. No need for abracadabra.

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