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I have read your three books, though in reverse order, and right after finishing Star.Ships I read Daniel Quinn's "Beyond Civilization" and the juxtaposition
of the two works has me wanting you to pull on the thread a bit more for us where if “the cathedral predates the city” do you feel there is a chance that the cathedral outlives the city? Quinn sort of vaguely points us back toward what worked for hundreds of millennia as a possible starting point to rekindle some sort of hope that we can survive ourselves for the next millenia. I know you are a big fan of permaculture and refocusing ones' life view through an animist lens but do you feel there is a possible future in a sort of neo-tribalism? How else to fight the incessant creep of centralization except with decentralization? Gobekli Tepe and Gunang Padang are the first glimpses at a much more complex society in the distant past who perhaps thought it best keep their spiritual needs as a higher priority than their economic needs but do you feel like the digital/AI/robotics revolution will present humankind with another chance to re-order our priorities? Your wisdom and insight in these matters is truly appreciated. Keep up the amazing work at Runesoup!

--Joe Bedard

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