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Hi Tom,

Nice article, and somewhat thought provoking.

So...our planet is the only planet in the entire universe and its history to have 'life' created on, I guess I can't say that as I am not sure if that is what you believe.

OKay...I'll try this then: So...our planet is the only planet with intelligence that is aware of itself, whether that be flora, fauna, liquid, gas, matter or, that doesn't work either as I don't know if that is what you believe. about: So...DNA is the only thing (besides RNA) that was purposefully put together while everything else happened by accident...bugger...that doesn't work either.

Alrighty about: Before existence, the course of pure creation was already accepted as something that would begin and keep on going towards the end of existence, where postulation by our brilliant minds have it that the entire universe began as something possibly smaller than a pea, and would expand due to energy recycling and dissipation creating time, until all forms of usefulness and uselessness have had their experience by contributing to not only the created but also the universe and its purpose: to exist.

POstulation by our brilliant minds are somewhat at odds about whether there is an end to existence...does it 'spring back' once all energy has been spent and time has expanded as far as it can as a consequence, and the whole process begin again once the contraction becomes a 'pea' once more? Or does it just keep on going, endlessly, because of planets, stars and galaxies always being created from the most basic of materials that turn into the most complex materials, such is the nature of 'recycling' as it were?

Either way, existence Is. And as such, every possible thing that can be, will be, no matter how long it takes to Become. Yes, our little corner of the entirety is only several billion years old, while our brilliant minds postulate the entirety is possibly about 13 billion years old, such is the extent of how far we can 'see' and what we consider of what it is that we are seeing...the furthest galaxy? the first galaxy? The curving of space/time and us seeing the back of ourselves not in the past but in the future? And where are we in all the middle? Near the beginning? Near the end? Sheesh, but self-awareness can be problematic, and that's just for flora, fauna, liquid, gas, matter and energy. Imagine what it is like for the Universe itself?

Imagine that it is self-aware, right from that moment before existence began, and knows exactly where it is heading and what will be composed within it on its journey. Imagine it knows that all forms of possibility will occur to aid it on its journey...all byproducts of its purpose: to exist. Imagine also that the utmost creation that it will have within it is something that can recognize this wonderful experience of existence itself: a mind separate from its own but that can understand it.

So here we are - and more than likely not alone in this vast universe - and we have DNA that composes us from all that exists, and some think this was 'placed' in our existence, upon our planet, as something that did not come from our planet or its sun or anything else that composed our solar system and galaxy.

I think, therefore I am. And I thank the universe for having me as part of its purpose: to exist...and be recognized.

I guess that will do it...


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